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British Government

Department for International Development (DfID)

Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO)

Houses of Parliament

Interparliamentary Union (IPU)

Democracy Building Foundations

Alfred Mozer Stichting

Carter Centre

European Forum for Democracy and Solidarity

Fondation Jean Jaures

Fondation Robert Schuman

Freidrich Ebert Stiftung

Friedrich Naumann Stiftung

Hanns Seidel Stiftung

Heinrich Boll Stiftung

International Republican Institute

Konrad Adenauer Stiftung

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs

National Endowment for Democracy

Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy

People In Need

Pontis Foundation

The British Council

Other Funding Bodies

Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)

Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA)

Norwegian Agency for Development Co-operation (NORAD)

Swedish Agency for International Development Co-operation (SIDA)

US Agency for International Development (USAID)

Other Useful Links

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Electoral Reform International Services ERIS

European Union

International Foundation for Electoral Systems

International Labour Organisation

The Organisation for Security & Co-operation in Europe

United Nations


·Government links

·Culture, art, heritage, language

·Trade and industry (non-government links)

·Netherlands Antilles and Aruba

·Search engines for the Netherlands

Government links

Ministries; other governmental sites; parliament and main political parties; Royal Family website

·Externe linkDutch government portal

·Externe linkDutch government website

· Addresses of Dutch ministries

·Externe linkThe Dutch Parlement

·Externe linkImmigration and Naturalisation Service

·Externe linkPublic Prosecutorin Dutch

·Externe linkStatistics Netherlands

·Externe linkSocial and Cultural Planning Office

·Externe linkThe Netherlands Foreign Trade Agency

·Externe linkThe Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency

·Externe linkThe Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis

·Externe linkThe Dutch State Treasury Agencyin Dutch

·Externe linkInformation about the Euro

·Externe linkChristian Democratic Appeal (CDA) - in Dutch

·Externe linkDemocrats '66 (D66)

·Externe linkThe Dutch Labour Party (PvdA) - in Dutch

·Externe linkThe GreenLeft Party (Groenlinks) - in Dutch

·Externe linkPeople's Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) in Dutch

·Externe linkDutch Royal Family Website

Culture, art, heritage, language

·Externe linkThe National Library of the Netherlands

·Externe linkBooks about the Netherlands

·Externe linkEvents, exhibitions and festivals

·Externe linkPop/rock/jazz concerts and festivals (in Dutch)

·Externe linkThe Museum Server - Dutch Museums on line

·Externe linkArt & Architecture

·Externe linkDutch Art and Antique Source

·Externe linkThe Dutch Heritage Site

·Externe linkJoint Archives of Holland - Hope College's Dutch heritage site

·Externe linkLanguage resources for foreign students of Dutch

·Externe linkThe Learn Dutch website for distance learners

Trade and industry (non-government links)

·Externe linkABC for trade and industry: info on more than 60.000 companies

·Externe linkHollandexports: Dutch exporters, agriculture and economy

·Externe linkThe Dutch Trade & Industry site: a part of Holland.com

·Externe linkPort of Rotterdam: business site

Netherlands Antilles and Aruba

Curaçao along with neighbouring Bonaire and three islands in the eastern Caribbean (St. Maarten, St. Eustatius and Saba), forms The Netherlands Antilles, and autonomous part of the Kingdom of The Netherlands. Locals are Dutch nationals.

·Externe linkThe Aruba Tourism Authority

·Externe linkAruba On-Line

·Externe linkNetherlands Antilles government website

Search engines for the Netherlands

·Externe linkAlta Vista

·Externe linkTrack.nl

·Externe linkGoogle

·Externe linkIlse

·Externe linkNL-menu

·Externe linkStartpagina.nl

·Externe linkVindexExterne link


  • Alberta Council on Aging - The ACA is a province-wide charitable organization, comprised of individuals, organizations and agencies interested in issues and challenges related to Alberta's aging population.
  • Alberta Seniors & Community Supports - Alberta Seniors & Community Supports is responsible for supporting the well-being and independence of Alberta's seniors and for providing housing support for lower-income seniors and families, individuals with special needs and the homeless.
  • ASCHA - The Alberta Senior Citizens' Housing Association (ASCHA) is a progressive Association representing the Seniors Housing Industry in Alberta. ASCHA is a registered society and operates as a Non-Profit Association.
  • CARP - Fifty Plus Net - home of The Canadian Association of Retired Persons.
  • Federal Superannuates National Association (FSNA) - senior citizen advocacy group representing retirees from the Public Service, the Canadian Forces and the RCMP.
  • SAGE - The Seniors Association of Greater Edmonton (previously known as the Society for the Retired and Semi-Retired) is a leading advocate on behalf of local seniors.
  • Social Development Canada Federal Gov't Income Security Programs - Social Development Canada delivers these pensions and benefits through the Old Age Security (OAS) program and the Canada Pension Plan (CPP).
  • The Support Network - Edmonton's Distress and Information Centre.
  • Service Canada - A comprehensive site listing federal government resources including information on finances and pensions, health and wellness, housing, safety and security. To obtain a copy of the Services for Seniors Guide call 1-800-622-6232 or e-mail guide@canada.gc.ca.








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